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Do you find it more constructive to oversee a series of problems in their specifics or to try finding a core underneath them?

'Tab for a Cause' (not that I believe too strongly in their commitment, yet trust it does no harm) is a simple project that allows one to donate 'hearts' to several charities. I was looking at the eight options given, each concerning one of these issues: famine, health, education, human rights, access to clean water, and conservation of nature. Speaking for myself, I view these matters as intimately connected, without exception existing--persisting--due to lack of respect and of equality (both of which I would again argue to come down to the same: lack of culture).

I am convinced that such an outlook is more helpful: by delineating the issue it does so for the solution as well, it restricts to a bare minimum the chaos of trying to control many factors, and hopefully resists tracking symptom rather than cause. But it is about this that I wish to ask: why might one not agree?

Posted - April 23, 2018


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    Though I agree with you, I could see individuals and/or groups of people getting bogged down in arguments about who should receive respect and how one would create equality for everyone -- does everyone "deserve" equality? Do they "deserve" respect?

    I base my answer partly on the response I got for a question I answered. The question was something like "How can we really make America great again?" In my opinion, I find the question a universal one, not just America, and many people mainly were answering with specific political "issues" and details of policies they liked.
    I answered truthfully and simply with The Golden Rule: (the response I got is under the image)

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    and a response I got was something like "No, not enough people will go for that." This post was edited by WelbyQuentin at April 24, 2018 4:44 AM MDT
      April 23, 2018 4:48 PM MDT

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    Very much agree with you, Welby.

    I'm of the opinion that how many people "go for" the Golden Rule is irrelevant: if how one is oneself treated becomes too much of a factor in that, we might all sink each other into disrespect. I.e. niceness is always worth striving for--perhaps all the more when it resists opposing attitudes.

    Thank you; always great to see you!
      April 24, 2018 4:49 AM MDT

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    I agree with you, too, there, Danilo_G.

    Great to see you, too!
      April 24, 2018 9:35 AM MDT