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What is the name of this movie?

 I saw it on TV in Sept 2000 and forgot the name.  Lengthy, probably an indie, classical music score - woodwind quintet I think.  Friends gather at the home of the father of one of them. It is in a woodsy rural setting in winter, perhaps in Colorado or Montana.  Maybe Canada. . He is a psychiatrist in his 40s who had married one of his patients. His father was recently killed in a nearby plane crash (he later visits the site of the crash) and the father's girlfriend is still living in the house.  The psychiatrist's wife's young sister and her boyfriend are among the visitors.  They all hang out and there is tension between the husband and wife. Later they all go to a roadhouse where a country band is playing.  In the climactic scene the sisters are driving and the older one runs into a snowy field and admits to her sister that she recently had an abortion.  She leaves her husband and they all put her on the outgoing train.  The men return to the house and talk of going skiing at Tuckerman's Ravine in New Hampshire. 

Posted - October 19, 2018


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