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Discussion » Questions » Outside the Mug » If president Trump was to be re-elected in 2020 but only on condition that he stop telling lies, do you think he could achieve that?

If president Trump was to be re-elected in 2020 but only on condition that he stop telling lies, do you think he could achieve that?

Posted - November 23, 2018


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      November 23, 2018 6:38 AM MST

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    Maybe he could get an interpreter to translate Trump-speak  into truth-speak.

      November 23, 2018 6:44 AM MST

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    I doubt that is something Trump’s ego would allow. 
      November 23, 2018 6:53 AM MST

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    The answer is simple, Kitty.  He will lie and say YES. Yes. Yes.  Then he will start in with (this will be about three days later) that he never lies so he does not have to worry about telling the truth. This post was edited by TRUMP/ANGRY/SCARED/FAT/UGLY at November 23, 2018 9:42 AM MST
      November 23, 2018 8:00 AM MST

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    Don't know.  But I think most people cannot handle the truth so they would rather believe lies.  Conversely and similarly most people accusing him of "lies" do so because they cannot handle the truth he represents at all. 
      November 23, 2018 6:57 AM MST

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    I guess I am not reading from enough sources because I haven't been much aware of what he says that is true.
      November 23, 2018 7:07 AM MST

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    No one ever got elected telling the truth.  Because people want to hear what they want to hear.  Which is why I can't at all understand who so many people, particularly on this site, focus so much on politics which will mostly consist of lies.  Why would anyone listen to politicians?  Do they have no life of their own?  Consider not what a politician says but the values they hold most dear, if you can truly understand them.  President Trump is really no politician as such but just someone amusing himself and trying to do some good.  He was elected with absolutely no political base or machine. So feels responsible to no one but himself and his beliefs.  So is transparent in that way. Asa business man he always believed that if you don't believe in yourself no one else will believe in you.  So much that he says comes from that notion. 
      November 23, 2018 7:23 AM MST

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    I'm perfectly capable of handling the truth and I expect that most intelligent people are, too.  Every politician lies, but not nearly to the extent that Trump does.  People who accuse him of lying do so because he IS lying - it's been proven time and again that he does so I'm not sure why people think he doesn't lie.
      November 23, 2018 7:25 AM MST

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    Maybe so and maybe not.  Democratic party would be a lot different - more the way it used to be - if they could handle the truth.  But they have bought into lies - that everyone is going to be happy and perfect and everyone deserves and has the right indeed to have this and that and whatever and there will be always enough gullible businessmen around to foot the bills for such a "Utopia".  When it lost its practicality and became just the party of wishful thinking and pie-in-the-sky I became a Republican by default.  Do people have absolutely no life of their own that they wish to spend all their time "proving" what is a "lie" and what is not? Since when has that ever been done before?  You like someone you stick with them. you don't like someone you can't dig up enough bad to say about them.  That seems to be the way things have transpired. 
      November 23, 2018 7:44 AM MST

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    I think the Dems are more able to handle the truth than Trump's base.  Even members of his own party are tired of the lies and inability to make sensible decisions.  One day Trump is doing this and the next day he's flipped and doing something else.   That might work when you're in business and you're the head honcho, but the presidency doesn't work that way.  Why would you think that someone has no life of their own if they seek to prove that someone is lying?  You seem to be suggesting that since Trump lies so often and about so much that folks should just stop trying to get the truth out there.  You think all his lies should just be swept under the rug.  You ask when has that ever been done before - no president - NO PRESIDENT - has ever lied as much as Trump has.  No one has to go digging up bad things to say about Trump - he provides more than enough fodder for anyone to do that without breaking a sweat.  
      November 25, 2018 1:10 PM MST

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      November 23, 2018 7:03 AM MST

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    Can you name one that does not lie.
      November 23, 2018 7:55 AM MST

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    Can you discern the difference between one who is human and lies and one who is a malignant narcissist?

    I can. There is a difference between any past President that lied.  And Trump.

    It is like comparing a few turds excreted to one who excretes an avalanche of foul excretia on a daily basis and no one can tell the difference?  That is just pathetic as an example to support his foul behavior.

    There are degrees.  

      November 23, 2018 7:58 AM MST

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    All do not agree with you and those who do not may be all pathetic in your eyes but does not make it so. A lie is a lie and to what degree is an open season.
      November 24, 2018 1:41 PM MST

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    It's impossible.  His Counsel for his defense, told him, he cannot get up in front of Mueller because?

    (a quote from the man who put in his resignation and told him to hire someone else) 

    Mr. Trump?  "You are a FKING liar."   His words, not mine.

    Read it yourself.

    Veteran journalist Bob Woodward on Monday said that President Trump’s former attorney, John Dowd, concluded that Trump “is an effing liar” following a practice interview earlier this year meant to prepare the president for a sit-down interview with the special counsel.

    Woodward said on NBC’s “Today” that Trump went “ballistic” and was “not under control” when Dowd arranged the practice interview in the White House in January. 

    "And Dowd says, ‘You know, you can’t do this. You are not a good witness.’ And his conclusion, Dowd’s conclusion in the end is that the president is an effing liar,” Woodward said.

    “Dowd’s conclusion in the end is that the President is an effing liar.” @realBobWoodward talks John Dowd walking President Trump through a mock special counsel's office interview

    — TODAY (@TODAYshow) September 10, 2018 

    Woodward describes the scene from the mock interview in his new book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” which will be released Tuesday.

    The Washington Post obtained a copy of the book and reported last week that Dowd held the mock interview on Jan. 27, with Dowd playing the role of Robert Mueller in the interview.

    As Dowd went through a number of questions related to the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Trump reportedly lost his temper and stumbled over answers.

    “This thing’s a goddamn hoax,” Trump reportedly said.

    “I don’t really want to testify," he later added, according to the book.

    Dowd resigned in March.

    Trump said Friday that sitting down with Mueller’s team for an interview would be a “waste of time” but added that he’s open to it.

    --This report was updated at 8:47 a.m.

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      November 23, 2018 8:03 AM MST

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    Thank you Kitty.
      November 23, 2018 10:07 AM MST

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    You thanking yourself? You're welcome, I guess.
      November 24, 2018 1:48 PM MST

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    nnaybe but i dont think he was lying in the first place
      November 23, 2018 11:31 AM MST