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Discussion » Statements » The affluent like Trump because they think he saves them money. That is all this is about with them. They hate Obama because he did not.

The affluent like Trump because they think he saves them money. That is all this is about with them. They hate Obama because he did not.

Posted - February 6


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    He might look like he's helping them .. but I don't think he would even be in office if he didn't think it would mostly help HIM and his shady businesses.
      February 6, 2019 11:15 AM MST

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    From what I have read, those statistics regarding Obama were considered an Economic Sleight of Hand, most favourable to him.  Because what he said was  "We're in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history. More than 14 million new jobs; the strongest two years of job growth since the 1990s; an unemployment rate cut in half."

    He was correct...if you look at the data in the most favourable way possible for him.

    However, the United States only added about 9.3 million jobs during his term -- from the time Obama took office in January 2009 through December 2015.

    This is the most conventional way to assess a president's economic track record. Viewing it in this way means Obama was pretty far behind the job creation of Reagan and Clinton.

    In relation to cutting the deficit Obama said "Over the last few years both parties have worked together to reduce our deficits by more than $2.5 trillion.” 

    However, the national debt had increased $5.9 trillion during Obama’s presidency, which is more than it increased under all presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined, however he inherited Bush's debt from two wars and injected money into the system with a number of plans i.e The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was President Obama's initial economic stimulus package, and medicare etc.

    Again the tripling of the stock market is also depending on which calculations you use.

    I should imagine Trumps claims will be just as well orchestrated, as are most politicians.

    Still, when an economy is run on a debt based scheme, i.e. to create money or credit, you have to create debt first, because it is our labour that is really being sold, and all money is simply a paper IOU, "I promise to pay the bearer on demand." Consumerism is used to sell you things you don't need in order to make you work longer hours and produce more debt. 

    Banks do not loan money, it is a IOU swapping arrangement, the bank assesses credit worthiness, if it is good they ask you to sign a loan agreement which is an IOU to the bank, it would not give central bank money, but its OWN IOU (cheque book money), just like ordinary IOUs they do not have to be obtained by anyone, they are created on the spot. No lending is going on because in order to lend the bank would have to be in possession of money beforehand, when they are not. see link..

    JFK intended to create USA's own money in order to take it out of the clutches of the federal reserve, Executive Order 11110,   shortly after he was assassinated.

    Sadam Hussein, wanted to free his country from the yoke of the US dollar, in favour of oil trading with Euros, this would have weakened the US dollar.

    Here is a simply way to understand our slavery with the federal reserve banking system..

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