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Discussion » Questions » Politics » If Donald Trump changed, became humble honest person do you think his approval ratings would increase or do people prefer believing BS?

If Donald Trump changed, became humble honest person do you think his approval ratings would increase or do people prefer believing BS?

"Making America great again"

We had a mayor whose approval ratings were skidding so he did a good job acting the humble honest guy and promised to change and do better; it worked, he did get re -elected. He did do a somewhat better job of being a good mayor second time around. 

Posted - April 15, 2019


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    IF he grew wings, he could fly. Which is just about as likely.

    This is moot, a wild fantasy and simply never gonna happen. Can we expect a self obsessed old man who has lived his entire despicable life in this way to have an epiphany NOW, when there are still disciples to enable his iniquity?

    The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future are fictions, my friend, and even they might find Trump beyond redemption. This post was edited by Don Barzini at April 15, 2019 8:40 AM MDT
      April 15, 2019 5:09 AM MDT

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    We would all think he finally had a stroke! 

    But honestly ... he's told so many lies .. you can't believe anything he'd ever say .. good, bad or indifferent.  
      April 15, 2019 7:50 AM MDT

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    Humility, self-deprecation, empathy are not in his nature and, as we all know, the leopard doesn't change its spots.
      April 15, 2019 8:37 AM MDT

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    If Donald Trump became nice and honest, he would still be an incompetent imbecile and would have to knowingly step down from office.

    If he were honest, he would have to admit his past crimes, which are legendary; and he would be in jail at once.

    So, he is stuck.  He is a lying sack of stuck. This post was edited by WM BARR . =ABSOLUTE TRASH at April 15, 2019 10:47 AM MDT
      April 15, 2019 8:39 AM MDT

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    It would be too little too late, anyway. 
      April 15, 2019 10:16 AM MDT

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    Don.  OH NO.  It would NOT.  LOL.  Just imagine that happening and the response from EVERYONE.  The news would STOP.  No one would be able to catch the next breath.  WE WOULD ALL DIE OF SHOCK. 

    Putin would ....I mean just imagine. LOL

    I mean he would actually have to speak from his heart.  And that heart would finally be connected to his brain.  Some miracle of circuitry would have to occur, the likes that medical history has not ever witnessed.

    He would have to start the speech in front of the world, first of all.  He would have to start the speech "GOD APPEARED TO ME LAST NIGHT AND SET ME STRAIGHT"  

    Then he would have to spend the next 150 hours just listing his crimes and explaining his role.  

    It will be a long speech.  It will be the ONLY speech we will ever need to hear ever again.   This post was edited by WM BARR . =ABSOLUTE TRASH at April 15, 2019 12:53 PM MDT
      April 15, 2019 10:46 AM MDT

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    IF he truly changed - in both words AND deeds AND he could convince people (through his actions as well as words) that he is changed and would stay changed ... then yes, I believe there are people out there you would give him the benefit of the doubt and give him their approval.
    However, simply changing one's direction doesn't change their competence, nor does admitting that they are incompetent.  Trump has no clue to what's going on around him, let alone how to run a country.  He lives in a fantasy world where he is god and his actions have no consequences.  In his world, all he has to do is speak and it instantly happens.  Other people are for his amusement and to bow before him while praising his awesomeness.  For Trump to really change, he would have to give up his quest for godhood ... and his vain ego would never allow that to happen.
      April 15, 2019 10:29 AM MDT

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    When you kill someone?  Saying I see I was wrong?  Doesn't cut any mustard.  The fact that he would be capable of this insight OF COURSE is ridiculous but you tried to give it a shot at what it would be like.  I get it.  And you did very good.  However, I wish to underscore your point that just coming clean is not enough.  In his case it would be so extraordinary that NO ONE COULD IMAGINE... 

    Anyway, he would have to do jail time.  A LOT.  AT LEAST 20 years.  AT LEAST.  If he were serious.  He would have to repent.  REPENT. AND REPENT.

    He would lose his president's licence.  He would lose his wealth.  The real money, not the fake money.  He would have to PAY BACK people and he would be OWING.

    So, he would be a shadow of himself and a shell of a man.  Which is better than what he is now.

    If, as I believe, there is an afterlife?  His is going to be the same as here.  He will never see God. He will think he is the sole existence in the afterworld and he will come back again and again being born more and more corrupted.  EVIL is nurtured and grows.  It is not born all at once.  He will come back.  And he will be as unevolved as ever.

    Only with our group consciousness growing and evolving can we make a TRUMP impossible to enter the scene.  Let him fester and rot in some den on some other plane.  Let him rot or let him REPENT.  

    He is here to awaken.  We all are. That is why we are forced into this plane.  We are here to learn.  You don't suffer in the afterlife.  You reap what you have sown here.   You attract lowlifes or high lifes.  Those who are too ignorant to see are condemned to rot at the lower levels of understanding.  

    So, if Trump repents, he will rise.  And you can see what the chances of that are.

    This post was edited by WM BARR . =ABSOLUTE TRASH at April 15, 2019 11:39 AM MDT
      April 15, 2019 10:55 AM MDT

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    Simply "coming clean" is not changing.  It's a start, yes.  
    One has to have a license to be president?  I thought they just had to have a lot of money.
    Is he really rich?  I have a feeling that if we ever see his tax returns we may just find out that he's pretending there too.

      April 15, 2019 1:38 PM MDT