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  • https://www.usaspending.gov/search/?hash=02ad71c630b0987fae6996bba9d980ff
    Last post by my2cents - August 6
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  • Here is mine. Is that a golf tee in your pocket or do you just have a teeny weenie driver?  
    Last post by my2cents - July 23
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  • After watching the hearings I think it would be poetic justice if Trump was sent to jail and his new male roommate had this photo hanging over his bunk and he had been fantasizing&...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - July 22
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  • The Jan. 6th committee plans to use its Thursday night hearing to call out insurrection-friendly lawmakers who cowered during the Capitol attack but have since downplayed the ...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - July 22
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  • I think he is wondering if he should start putting a little heart over the i in Kim Jong-un's name. Cheers!
    Last post by Stu Spelling Bee - July 19
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  • Mine is - Bet he knows Kanye West. Cheers!
    Last post by my2cents - July 18
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  • The House select committee investigating the Capitol attack has issued a subpoena to the US Secret Service for text messages from 5 January and 6 January 2021 understood to have be...  more
    Last post by Slartibartfast - July 16
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  • A few hours after former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo was murdered Trump posted on Truth Social about how devastating the murder was and that the killer should be dealt with ...  more
    Last post by Thriftymaid - July 8
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  • I would like to see Michelle Obama run. I think she is what the US needs right now - she is a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, educat...  more
    Last post by my2cents - July 8
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  • The Executive (President, Veep and Cabinet) must face the people (and risk being voted out) every four years. Ditto the Legislative branch (Congress and Senate). Only the Judicial ...  more
    Last post by my2cents - July 7
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  • A lot of the people that that testified before the Jan. 6th panel have said that before they testified they received messages saying things like he is watching you and he know...  more
    Last post by Stu Spelling Bee - July 5
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  • They weren't going to have another public hearing until the second week of July but because of resonantly uncovered evidence they will be holding a hearing today. Cheers! 
    Last post by my2cents - July 4
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  • I would advise him to start putting his orange makeup on his hands. In most photos of Trump his face has a Burnt orange look to it but his hands are Lilly white. So if he put the o...  more
    Last post by Slartibartfast - June 27
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