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  • On Saturday Mike Pence said - history will hold Donald Trump accountable for his role in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. I think he is right but I also ...  more
    Last post by Spunky - March 13
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  • This question was inspired by this question: https://answermug.com/forums/topic/139939/what-do-you-think-mr-spock-would-say-about-trump-s-big-lieI think the chances may be sli...  more
    Last post by Livvie - March 9
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  • I think if Mr. Spock was asked if Trump's big lie was responsible for the Jan.6th Capital attack he would say - it's only logical. Cheers!
    Last post by Swoop62 - March 12
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  • McCarthy resonantly gave Tucker Carlson exclusive access to a vast archive of unseen surveillance footage of the deadly Capitol riot. I really don't think McCarthy had the right to...  more
    Last post by my2cents - March 1
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  • I think he did many times. And lately I have been thinking the reason he reversed the Obama train safety rules was to get a kick back from the train company's. At that time the tra...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 28
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  • This woman refuses to procecute criminals in St Louis.  
    Will the new AG Bailey have to spine to back it up if she ignores his demand? 
    https://news.stlpublic...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 23
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  • It has been reported that Trump has talked about bringing back death by firing squad, by hanging, and by guillotine if he is re-elected. His reasoning is that it would be more...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 21
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  • I'm going to watch it. I find them very interesting. Cheers!
    Last post by WelbyQuentin - February 10
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  • When the Chinese spy balloon was first spotted in American air space Trump supporters were quick to point out that if Trump was still president he would of shot it down. And Trump ...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 10
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  • As far as I know it is Republican's two and Democrat's one. Classified documents have been found at former US Vice President Mike Pence's home in the latest secret p...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - January 26
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  • I think it is possible that Trump had classified documents planted at Biden's home to take the heat off of him for having classified documents. Trump had lots of classified do...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 16
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  • According to journalist Marisa Kabas - as a teen living in Brazil, Santos enjoyed drag, participated in at least one drag show, and went by the name Kitara Ravache. I have no ...  more
    Last post by my2cents - February 2
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  • A federal judge has ordered Trump and one of his lawyers to jointly pay one million dollars in  penalties for pursuing a frivolous lawsuit against Hillary and the Democratic p...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - February 5
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