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Discussion » Questions » Current Events and News » I gave a co-worker a sativa brownie and she asked me for it. She got sent home from work because she couldn't function. Oooops

I gave a co-worker a sativa brownie and she asked me for it. She got sent home from work because she couldn't function. Oooops

should I :

1. Go to jail?  (she did not have a mj card
2. Should we both go? 
3.  Should I lose my job?
4. Should we both?
5. Should I lose my licence? To massage?

These things could happen.  I did something so STUPID I cannot believe a 68 1/2 year old would act so STUPIDLY.

Luckily I was born lucky.  And God gave me a break.

Posted - May 3, 2019


  • Does your employer know you  gave it to her? I would think you would get fired. Hope you don’t :)
      May 3, 2019 11:09 AM MDT

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    That is what saved me.  I gave the other half to her daughter.  She is my best friend there now.  LOL  We are partners in this crime.  

    The girl I gave it to.... she JUST finished telling me she went to COLORADO and bought a cookie.  There were two cookies in a package and she didn't know she was supposed to eat one.  She ate both and she said it wasn't that strong.  

    So?  Naturally I gave her some brownie when she asked me.  I gave her the equivalent of maybe 40 miligrams tops which is about two cookies worth.   Well... my brownie in even that small amount got her sent home.  She was totally out of it.  I will NEVER give anyone any of my stuff again.

    They cannot handle it.  (except the boss' daughter.  She has a higher tolerance and eats it anyway)  BUT NO ONE ELSE.  EVER EVER 
      May 3, 2019 11:13 AM MDT

  • Yeah, watch your back for sure lol. I’m glad it worked out for you:) DONT DO IT AGAIN! Lol
      May 3, 2019 11:15 AM MDT

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    1. Go to jail? (she did not have a mj card
    Your job is not the police and the evidence is gone now. If the cops were being really picky that day and there was evidence and they could prove how much you gave her, you could have been arrested. Very unlikely, but possible. 

    2. Should we both go?
    That's a question for a judge and jury. Technically, you both violated the law. However, small amounts like what was probably in the brownie are usually simple charges and people get probation and fines, not jail time. Again, though, the evidence has been eaten. The cops would have to prove you gave it to her and prove how much you gave her. Even if law enforcement found this thread and considered it to be a confession, they've got way bigger fish to fry than a chick with a medical MJ card sharing a brownie. I would venture to guess you're both in the clear. 

    3. Should I lose my job?
    Debatable. It's up to the employer and the policies they have. If you were my employee, I wouldn't fire you, but I'd request that you either not bring stuff into work again or you not share it. I might feel differently if you were her supervisor, if you had a history of similar instances, or if you were also working high.

    4. Should we both?
    She probably should. She was high at work. If she's a good employee with a clean track record, as an employer, I might be willing to let one whoops slide, provided no harm was done. ie No clients knew she was high, no irreparable damage to the business or brand was done. 

    5. Should I lose my licence? To massage?
    I would say no. I know teachers who have had marijuana possession charges and they still teach. You weren't arrested, charged, or found guilty, so there's no record. I would feel differently if you were giving the brownies to clients. Even with pure intentions, you're the authority in that situation and giving clients could be seen as predatory or providing medications without the legal right to do so. I would also feel differently if this was a habitual thing. 

    Additional thoughts: I would say your biggest worries relate to the employer. The police aren't going to come after you and boards usually need evidence, not hearsay of a single event. If your employer has a morality clause or something, it's probably not going to end well for either of you with them. But, if you've got great relationships with your supervisors, they might not even escalate it. It really depends on their personal values and mentalities about it. 
      May 3, 2019 11:49 AM MDT

  • a manager of mine gave me a pot rice crispy treat once and it messed me up. i think as long as no one important knows you'll be fine. 
      May 3, 2019 12:16 PM MDT

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    Stupid?  Yeah.
    It's a drug like any other.
    You don't give prescription drugs to someone without a prescription.  Right?

    As you said, you're lucky.

    Hopefully, she learned her lesson as well.
      May 3, 2019 12:57 PM MDT

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    In some states that is called "distributing" regardless of amount.  If you get away with this, please don't share your stuff with others.  And don't sell it the law it's the same thing.   I don't know really about Arizona law.  I just don't want you to have those kinds of problems.
      May 3, 2019 1:24 PM MDT

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    rnakes rne wonder why people can keep jobs while theyre doing all that while i cant get one
      May 3, 2019 4:41 PM MDT

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    Beg for mercy from the Big Chief, Donald Trump, who says he never smoked, drank, or used drugs.  
      May 3, 2019 8:00 PM MDT

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    What's needed is an understanding
    of the results of edibles, both from the giver and the taker.
    There is a responsibility of the giver to understanding
    the results of edibles and before giving
    to explain the results of edibles.
         That it doesn't come on right away
    and should be taken in moderation
    because when it does come on it packs a wallop.
    And that when taken a little goes a long way
    because the effects are not seen/felt immediately.
    It is not like smoking the herb when the effects are
    felt immediately.
         Edibles shouldn't be taken when in a working environment with other people.,
    because it is too much (almost) like Lsd. and if one  is not used to it
    the walls can start melting and people literally freak.
       Am reminded of a young girl that injested 
    some edible brownie and she saw the walls literally melt
    and she totally freaked because she did not have the knowledge
    to understand what was happening.
        With some seeing the walls melt, who understand
    that they have stepped outside their mind, they can cope through the experience. 
         In deep meditation, when all form has disappeared into the formless.
    understanding this is a blessed event and can be experienced in understanding
    that one has stepped outside the limits of the mind and ego.
    But for one who has not the understanding or the experience
    it is literally a frightening experience thinking they are going crazy.
        When in India, being in the presence Of NeemKaroli Baba
    When He would go into deep meditation all those around him
    would be in a state of seeing the formless literally moving 
    as seeing the walls melt. haha. Once , in my case
    this was the experience and it was a blessed event.
    But as soon as I thought yes I understand this
    and those thoughts would slow everything down and the form of the world would emerge.
    As soon as I let go of those thoughts, again I was emerged into the formless 
    state of enlightenment full of moving colors and free of limitations
    with a deep perception of consciousness beyond thought.
        THat's why Meditation is so valuable to let us experience what is beyond 
    the limitations of Ego when the mind is still, without any desires or thoughts
    to maintain the presence of this illusory world.
          I hope your friend is well and maybe
    gained some understanding.
     Any way Blessings and Stay cool Sharon. 

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      May 3, 2019 9:08 PM MDT

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    That's an interesting story... You shouldnt be blamed for that. Is it legal in your state ? 

    Me i know that at my job, we have no rights to be high on drugs or on alcohol; else we would be sent home by the boss.
      May 4, 2019 2:31 PM MDT