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Can you GOAT God?

Posted - July 5


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    Do you mean SATAN?
      July 5, 2019 1:33 PM MDT

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    Pan ... though he was only half goat.

    Baphomet ... the deity that the Knights Templar were falsely accused of worshiping.  Actually a bastardization of the name of the prophet Mohammed.

    Azazel ... a powerful demonic force represented by a goat.  Where the term "scapegoating" comes from.

    Thor is described as riding a chariot pulled by goats, in The Poetic Edda.

    Heidrun ... a giant goat who eats leaves off the world tree, and then lactates hot mead for the souls of viking warriors in Valhalla.
      July 5, 2019 2:57 PM MDT