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What supplies are needed to survive a week in a strange city? This is what I’ve stocked up on so far..

Posted - February 10


  • I tend to thrive under pressure. or that’s what I’m telling myself tonight Cos I can’t stand to fill my brain with that crap for another second tonight. 
      February 10, 2020 7:38 PM MST

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    Yeah, same for me. I got through do doctoral school with this mentality, so why change it? 
      February 10, 2020 7:43 PM MST

  • Too bad you’re not in my class, I need someone smart to sit next to to cheat off their answers. I’m having a hard time follow this because I find the course work so dry. but if I don’t come back boss gonna kill me :/ or at least roll his eyes at me, which is worse lol. Okay maybe I better go read my stupid chapters... have a good night :) This post was edited by Benedict Arnold at February 11, 2020 1:00 AM MST
      February 10, 2020 7:47 PM MST

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    Good luck! 
      February 10, 2020 7:48 PM MST

  • Thanks, I finished my 3rd exam today and I’m sure I crushed them all. I guess focusing and studying worked... even though it was getting older and  being responsible. 
      February 13, 2020 3:54 PM MST

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      February 13, 2020 4:43 PM MST

  • Thank you :) I didn’t realize how stressed I was until it was over and I could finally relax :) 
      February 13, 2020 4:45 PM MST

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    A retractable boo boo bat, a can of pepper spray and a bucket of Blue berries. Blue berries help the short term memory processes so if you eat a bucket full of Blue berries while you study it might help you ace the auditing test. Cheers! This post was edited by Nanoose at February 13, 2020 3:55 PM MST
      February 10, 2020 7:49 PM MST

  • Now you tell me! 
      February 13, 2020 3:55 PM MST

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    Why did someone in TO rob you? If so you should get a hold of my Sister in-law she could get your money back and make them sorry for messing around with an a  mugger. Cheers! 
      February 13, 2020 4:10 PM MST

  •  No no, lol. I meant about the blueberries to make my brain work better....I needed all the help I could get :) 
      February 13, 2020 4:12 PM MST

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    Well you should eat some blueberries to help you remember to eat some blueberries the next time you study for a test. Cheers!
      February 13, 2020 4:21 PM MST

  • Lol :) you’re a genius, must be all the blueberries ;) 
      February 13, 2020 4:22 PM MST

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    It kind of depends on how strange the city is.  It also depends on how strange you feel.
    After reading the thread, it sounds like a torturous business trip with expectations and proof you succeeded from your boss.

    What an awful, terrible, no good, very bad trick and trip you are having to endure. 

    Let's put that corporate card to use. ;)

    For you to represent your company with a positive attitude and ensure your finely tuned, mental abilities, these are your must haves:

    For relaxation, massages at the nearest spa are a must.  Hopefully they have one at your hotel.

    Nightly in-room entertainment of your choice.  A little aerobic exercise is great for circulation stimulation.  We want the blood pumping freely.

    Your body also requires a certain amount of wine to study.  It is an old study process you picked up in college and your brain won't function without a certain amount of it.  It's not nice to drink in front of your nightly entertainment/aerobic partner.  Cocktails for everyone surrounding you at the time, also.

    The most nutritional brain and stamina food you can buy.  A personal chef would be appreciated but not expected. Room Service if you must but you prefer the freshest of fruits, meats, vegetables and pastry/muffins. You must be alert and ready for the masses of questions on your test.

    From head to toe, a full wardrobe makeover.  This includes all undergarments.  On test day you will representing your company and you want to hold your head high and with confidence. You must feel like a million bucks.

    This is the perfect time to show him we didn't spend a million and isn't it nice you refrained from many other desires and needs you could have hit them with.  They will be relieved you budgeted yourself.

    Big Winks, Hugs, Loves, and Smiles!

    Good Luck, Jaimie!!  You Can Do It!!
    :) :)

    This post was edited by Merlin at February 13, 2020 3:56 PM MST
      February 11, 2020 1:43 AM MST

  • I like the way you think ;) and Thanks :) it went well and I’m going to be certified!! The Stupid thing is I doubt this will bring more money, just more responsibility at work lol. I’ll just drink more wine to deal with it so, win, win ;))
      February 13, 2020 3:58 PM MST

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    Depending on where you're going and exactly how strange the city is ... maybe this ...

      February 11, 2020 8:24 AM MST

  • Lol not that strange a city :) 
      February 13, 2020 3:58 PM MST

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    In a city...
    for me it would depend on my accommodation - I'd need a kitchen, shower, toilet and a bed, plus clothes and enough fresh food to last a week. Ideally, I'd also like to have my laptop and access to a solar power supply.

    If I had to rough it, I'd need a backpack, waterproof swag, portable kerosene stove, a few minimal cooking and eating utensils, plus paper and pen, a mix of fresh and dried foods, and access to a source of fresh, clean water.

    This post was edited by inky at February 13, 2020 9:26 PM MST
      February 13, 2020 9:25 PM MST