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Which famous singer or music group has been sued more than any other?

Copyright infringement is a common charge that is filed against them in civil courts.

Posted - June 17, 2020


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    no idea
      June 20, 2020 3:56 PM MDT

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    Though, like Pearl, I have no idea - the case I always think of is Men at Work's "Down Under" song and they got sued for the flute part (I think) that sounds like "Kookabura" song.
    (And it does to me.)
    But what a great song and great flute solo, and flute performance itself, through that entire song!
    I believe that case got resolved. And I'm sure there'd be other groups or artists out there that have been more often sued than Men at Work. I like everything I've heard by them.

    EDIT: Oh, my main answer -- I don't know the answer. But your question is every interesting for me. I don't feel like researching it (ha!) but your question is interesting.

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      June 24, 2020 11:57 AM MDT

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    It wasn't resolved satisfactorily, and flautist Greg Ham suicided. For mine, a passing resemblance in a single riff doesn't constitute plagiarism, or the Beach Boys should have had their a$$es sued off. They stole every single one of their guitar intros from Chuck Berry.
      August 5, 2022 7:23 AM MDT

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    Thanks for your reply, Slartibartfast. Saw your post as I was getting ready to get to work.
    I'm terribly saddened reading your helpful reply. I'm often not knowledgeable about music details. I've sort of thought similar things about which you shared - - about single riffs and lawsuits.
    I didn't know "Down Under" wasn't satisfactorily resolved. This is the second suicide I've heard of just this morning. (Its morning for me.) I didn't know about Ham. Rest in Peace, Greg - your flute solos in this song kick ass. Your flute playing was the main reason I started to listen to this song - - the first song I heard from the great Men at Work. I've liked everything I've heard from them.
      August 5, 2022 7:43 AM MDT