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Discussion » Questions » Current Events and News » The FBI is pursuing cases against 170 rioters who attacked the US Capital with more on the way.

The FBI is pursuing cases against 170 rioters who attacked the US Capital with more on the way.

And they should be prosecuted.  However, how many of the rioters from last summer are being prosecuted?  How many BLM and Antifa thugs are being pursued legally for all of the destruction they caused?  Why don't the various news outlets say anything about that?

Posted - January 12


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    I'm pretty sure that wherever there were security cameras, the authorities would have identified those who actually caused harm to property or people. I have no doubt that the individual offenders would have been arrested, charged, judged and convicted by now. I think it's more likely that the press forgot to follow up those stories because the news stories of Covid and the elections took precedence.

    3% of BLM marches in the USA erupted into violence, fire, smashed windows and damaged property; 97% were peaceful.
    Afterwards, the BLM itself publicly denounced that that violence. 

    At the antiracism demonstrations around the rest of the world there was not even one act of violence.

    Contrast that with the violence done by racists every day, everywhere. The KKK and its kind among the alt-right still exists.
    Less extreme forms of racism happen every few seconds - small slights, exclusions, discrimination, all kinds of abuse.
    If you don't believe it, look it up on Youtube, Wikipedia and the mainstream news outlets; it's been going on for centuries.
    A person has to wilfully ignore history and the news not to be aware of it.

    Trump's incitement was a different matter. It started even before the election when he called on right-wing extremists to "stand up" if the elections ran against him. He'd been egging them on for months. It wasn't one small fraction of a group that got out of control; it was the majority of that crowd, with two murders, one of a protester and one of a cop, and three deaths from pre-existing medical conditions.
    It was also much more than a protest. It was insurrection against a democratically elected government and the seat of power in the country. According to the Constitution, that is a crime of far greater magnitude. It affects not just one local area but the entire nation.

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    Where to begin?

    BLM denounced violence?

    While some BLM leaders may have publicly denounced the riots, while most of the protests held around the country may have been peaceful, there is not deny the fact that they spawned a LOT of violence and destruction across the country

    Those of us who support President Trump have been responsible for NONE of this.  Trump's rallies and the protests by those of us on the right have been peaceful.  The only time that there has been violence associated with these gatherings has been when the conservatives have been attacked by by left-wing counterprotestors.

    Which Republicans support the KKK?  Which Republicans have come out and said that they agree with them?  There are not any.  The KKK has never been supported by the Republican party and the vast majority of us want nothing to do with them.  However, you leftist continue to push the lie that we agree with them.

    It was ALL of the protesters at the rally last week that participated in the violence?  There are estimates that there were over 100,000 people at that rally.  They ALL stormed the Capital building?  From where do you get that?  The estimates are  that there were a few hundred to a few thousand that illegally entered the Capital.  Trump never told them to do so.  He told the attendees to PEACEFULLY protest.  Note, something here.  Not one of the people accusing Trump of insurrection is quoting his speech.  Why not?  Where did he tell people to assault the Capital?

    You claim that it was an attack on our democratic government.  I agree.  Those who were guilty of the illegal behavior should be prosecuted.  However, what about last summer when Atifa laid siege to a federal court house in Portland, Oregan?  (And I note that you completely ignored Antifa in your response.)  Was that not an attack against our government?  What was the response of Democrats to that?  Nancy Pelosi called the federal law enforcement officers defending that court house stormtroopers.  One of her lieutenants did so as well.  Those who were defending the courthouse were blamed for the actions of the rioters.  That was not promoting insurrection?

    What about when rioters laid siege to the White House and attempted to burn down Saint Johns Church in D.C.?  Was the attack on the White House, the center of the one branch of the government that is elected by the country as a whole, not an attack on our democratic government?  Once again, what was the response of the Democrats on this attack.  They lied about what happened there and denied that there was any violence.  They accused Trump of attacking peaceful protestors.

    I could also bring into this discuss how it is that many leftist, Kamala Harris included raised money to pay for the bail and legal fees of the rioters.  You don't see any of us in the right doing that for those accused of attacking the Capital do you?

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    Trump and his supporters do love playing the victim, don't they? He is entitled to be president and entitled to win the election, but Biden isn't. The vast left-wing conspiracy stole from Trump what intrinsically belong to him.  This post was edited by my2cents at January 13, 2021 1:12 PM MST
      January 13, 2021 11:31 AM MST

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    Funny, leftists spent most of the last four years telling us about how Russia helped to steal the election from Hillary.  There was never any evidence to support for this accusation.  All of the principal investigators into the so-called Trump-Russian collusion hoax were forced to admit that there was never any evidence of this when they were placed under oath and testified in secret.

    The fact of the matter with this election is that the Constitution gives the authority for determining how electors are chosen exclusively to the state legislatures.  It does not give that authority to the executive branch nor the judicial branch.  It give that authority to the legislatures.  Over the last four years, Democrat operatives did end-runs around the legislatures by filing law suits to force changes in election laws through the courts.  They got executive branch officials to change election laws.  ALL of these changes were unconstitutional because they were not made by the legislatures.  Therefore, the votes in those states were not constitutional.

    This is all before the hundreds and hundreds of sworn witnesses that testified of mishandled ballots.  It does not in crude the poll watchers who were forced to stand too far away from the counting to actually see what was happening.  It does not count the videos of ballots being smuggled into counting rooms and only being counted after the poll watcher were thrown out while being told that there would be no more counting that night.  There is lots of evidence of very questionable behavior in this last election despite what your propagandists in the media tell you.

    After the 2000 elections, the press demanded the opportunity to investigate the elections in Florida.  They demanded to examine the ballots and do their own recount.  The Bush administration did not object to such an investigation.  Their examination of the ballots and recounts ultimately showed George W. Bush did win that election even with the most liberal standards the Gore was pushing to be used.  Given all of the evidence of irregularities in this election, why are none of the media interested in a similar investigation?  Why don't they want to prove that our suspicions are unfounded.  Could it be because they know that an honest investigation would show that the election was stolen?

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    hopefully they will get persecuted too
      January 18, 2021 2:55 PM MST