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Discussion » Questions » Politics » If you lost a wager and had to say 3 nice things about Donald Trump, what would you say?

If you lost a wager and had to say 3 nice things about Donald Trump, what would you say?

Posted - Tue at 10:54 AM


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    Best President in my lifetime
    A President who actually put America first
    President who actually followed through with campaign promises. This post was edited by my2cents at February 24, 2021 12:06 AM MST
      February 23, 2021 10:58 AM MST

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    You would deliberately lose the wager just so you could promote the idea that Mr Trump is a nice guy.
    Ha ha.
      February 23, 2021 11:14 AM MST

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    I would never make such a wager because I can't think of one good thing about Trump other than that he lost the election.
      February 23, 2021 11:10 AM MST

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    You could compliment him how well he looks with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.
      February 23, 2021 11:35 AM MST

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    Thanks for a good laugh. :):):)
      February 23, 2021 11:53 AM MST

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      February 23, 2021 12:30 PM MST

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    Donald Trump had a tender side that appreciated a good love letter like the one he got from the leader of North Korea. Donald Trump had a kinky side that wasn't afraid to try new things like get his bottom paddled by a porn star with a Time magazine. Donald Trump had the foresight to always  have a black marker ready in case there was an emergency like a hurricane. Cheers! 
      February 23, 2021 12:12 PM MST

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    He dressed well. (As do all presidents.)
    He treats his family well. (Nepotism.)
    He is friendly. (With despots.)
      February 23, 2021 12:33 PM MST

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    1: He makes up amusing new words and phrases like “bigly” “cofeveve” and “alternative facts”. 

    2: He does very brave things like stare at an eclipse. 

    3: Nice tan line on his face when his hair blowing in the wind.

      February 23, 2021 6:46 PM MST

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    His presidency created excellent material for comics. So many (much-needed) laughs. 
    He was an entertaining reality tv star. 
    He and his wife did an admirable job shielding their minor child from public scrutiny. 

    I did it! I can't believe it!! 
      February 23, 2021 7:38 PM MST

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      February 23, 2021 9:06 PM MST

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    Hey, thanks a lot! 

    (I usually forget about awarding an asker's pick. Not very thoughtful of me. Maybe I'll look back and do that now.)

    Hey, what if I just typed the random thoughts that creep in in parentheses like that?

    (Hey, I spelled "parentheses" correctly on the first try! Good job!)

    Maybe not. 
      February 24, 2021 7:17 PM MST

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    I actually did go back and award some asker's picks last night! :)
      February 25, 2021 4:31 PM MST

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    I did some repenting too a while ago, i was going back over some of my old questions and awarding 'likes' to some of the replies that i had missed.
      February 25, 2021 9:15 PM MST

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    I'm just shaking my head.

      February 23, 2021 7:51 PM MST

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    1. In a world where most people hold their nose and vote for a candidate they don't really like because they see him/her as the lesser of two evils, Trump's supporters effing LOVE him. It's rare for a politician to inspire that much love, even among their own supporters.

    2. He didn't start any new wars, and he was working to end the wars America is in. 

    3. He constantly advocated for racial unity and did a lot to improve life for minorities, especially blacks. Opportunity zones, the First Step Act, Operation Legend, the FUTURE Act, the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, the CARES Act, etc. 
      February 24, 2021 1:28 AM MST