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Do you think Putin will push the red button?

I am a tad bit afraid of what he will do.  He really does appear to have Parkinson's symptoms; an irregular gate and hand tremor.
He may not be functioning on all cylinders.  What would we do if all of a sudden all forms of communication were cut off?  

Posted - April 27


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    He might but hopefully they won't get out of the siloes because of lack of maintenances. Lots of his tanks broke down for that reason so maybe his nukes will be the same. Cheers! 
      April 27, 2022 8:42 AM MDT

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    I wouldn't necessarily count on his nukes being duds.  What I would hope is that someone in his top military cadre would make sure that Putin doesn't do something like that.  No one wins in a nuclear war.
      April 27, 2022 10:36 AM MDT

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    That's the truth. :  (
      April 27, 2022 10:46 AM MDT

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    One can only hope. 
      April 27, 2022 10:47 AM MDT

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    Unlike His Royal Orangeness, Tsar Vlad has gonads of titanium steel - but unless he's been diagnosed with a terminal illness, he's not sufficiently self-deluded to believe he can win that. If he has, he just might be sufficiently egotistical to push the button as a kind of après moi, le déluge gesture, but hopefully the Russian system has similar safeguards to the US one.
      April 27, 2022 4:55 PM MDT

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    He will. Unless, of course, he won't.
      April 27, 2022 5:06 PM MDT