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Is the common treatment for treatment...just see where it goes?

You might get an inhaler and a breathing treatment but no anti-virals.  

Posted - July 16


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    Good.   Keep taking  it. (The 2000 now)  It is likely why you are doing so well and not needing other interventions.  

    I had a family member who was put on this as a precaution against covid. They had several health issues....weight, kidney failure, smoking, sleep acmeia**, COPD, cancer etc.   They did get COVID and the nursing home did not even know until it was almost gone.   (Double pneumonia etc,)  the kidney dialysis clinic is who sent them to the hospital.

    The doctor told us that he believed they survived  because of the increased vitamins  he ordered.  
      July 17, 2022 4:45 AM MDT

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    How could the nursing home not know your family member had double pneumonia?
      July 17, 2022 10:25 AM MDT

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    Cause the nursing home workers were worthless.   The workers ignored the more labored breathing (why? IDK other than being worthless at their job) It was the kidney dialysis clinic that sent them to the hospital rather than back to the nursing home.  
    It was in the hospital doctor that treated for double pneumonia and ordered the covid test.  The results of the test came back after they were already back at the nursing home.  (Several days later)    

    Probably good Dr's did not know it was covid....this was back when they thought ventilators helped people.  
      July 17, 2022 11:17 AM MDT

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    I see a nurse practitioner not a Doctor, I guess it's almost the same, but the reason why I try a figure out what is wrong myself.   But I've been sick for over a month and I'm really tired of dealing with it, trying to figure out what course of action to take, hoping the NP gets it right or close at least.    This post was edited by Honey Dew at July 17, 2022 2:00 PM MDT
      July 17, 2022 1:53 PM MDT

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    Most NP are as good as a doctor.  And they all have a MD looking over their shoulder.  But we should all do our own due diligence when it comes to our health. No one knows better than we do, if something is not right. 

    My daughter (mid twenties) had symptoms for more than a month. All they gave her was an inhaler as well.  She is not jabbed. So at your age etc, you sound like you are doing well. 
      July 17, 2022 2:05 PM MDT

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     I had Covid and saw her the 3rd day in and she didn't pick up on the symptoms as being Covid even though I had "Covid Face," a reddening of the cheeks that has a little bit different look to it.  Wondering if it was Covid, 3 days after seeing her I tested myself, the test was positive.  I had a tele health appt the next day and told her I was positive, that was the 7th day in. She missed an opportunity to give me anti-virals and whatever else recommended within the first week of being sick. (I discovered later). This post was edited by Honey Dew at July 17, 2022 2:36 PM MDT
      July 17, 2022 2:21 PM MDT

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    You may have yourself a quack NP.   If you went in suspecting covid, she should have at least did the test. 
      July 17, 2022 2:35 PM MDT