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What my doctor won't do.

My back surgeon refuses to operate on my back.  The only solution would be rods, plates, fusion and screws, He doesn't want to do that. (won't)

My other back doctor performed an L4 ablation 3 weeks ago.  He said if it only lasts 6 months like the last one he wants to put in an implant in my back to deal with the pain, (cover it up).  So it won't get any better at this point, potentially much worse, much like my dental problems. 

Meanwhile I have nightly severe leg and foot cramps which can keep me up most of the night.  Now during the day the last two fingers on my left hand are cramping and bending down which is painful.  I have ruled out dehydration, my electro lights are fine except for the sodium is low, probably due to the fact I drank so much water believing the cramps were due to that.  I eliminated foods from my diet, to no avail, nothing I do affects the cramps.  It could be a bulging disk or something in my back.  I have another MRI on the 16th and hope they can find the problem. 

Posted - August 4, 2023


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    My best to you, Boss Lady! 
    I hope your pains resolve satisfactorily and work out well.
    And Be Well,
      August 4, 2023 5:06 PM MDT

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    Thank you so much, that means a lot.  Hope you are in good health. 
      August 4, 2023 6:38 PM MDT

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    Get a second opinion. I did when a neurosurgeon refused to perform a discectomy and fusion despite the fact that the disc was in three pieces and two of them were pinching the sciatic nerve (agony).
      August 4, 2023 8:42 PM MDT