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How important is your cell phone to you?

Posted - April 15, 2018


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    Slightly less important than toenail clippings.
      April 15, 2018 11:29 AM MDT

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    The main reason I originally got cell phones was to have a phone with me in my car in case of emergency. I could get along without it in my life but I still take it in my car with me.
      April 15, 2018 12:15 PM MDT

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    A cell phone, or mobile phone as we civilised* people call it (*just teasing btw) is the number one safety device, if you go out anywhere really, especially alone, you should have it with you - you can call, you can take pictures of a crime/accident etc. It's also useful - a PDA, phone book, library, a way to access the internet to look things up and a way of keeping in touch with friends and family... 

    So, for me, it's important - I love it, I value it but it is just a tool, it's not IT I love, just what it can do.
      April 15, 2018 12:35 PM MDT

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    I call mine a two-way radio. How did I make it through life without it?
      April 15, 2018 1:32 PM MDT

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    Some people have never known a time when there were no cell (or mobile, as the civilized say) phones.  For me, it's a safety measure.
      April 16, 2018 8:03 AM MDT

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    Since I don't own one, I'm going to say it's not very important.
      April 15, 2018 1:30 PM MDT

  • "I'll let you know" .... when I get my first one.
      April 15, 2018 4:19 PM MDT

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    Yes, I have one.

    Took me a moment to remember.
      April 15, 2018 5:34 PM MDT

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    I would be happy to go back to pre-mobile-phone-days and be around fewer idiots.  
      April 15, 2018 7:29 PM MDT

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    very important
    am a General Contractor
    so using it everyday.
      April 16, 2018 12:50 PM MDT

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    Important... ?  Well,, sometimes. I bought it primarily for emergencies, car breakdowns and so on; but given that the services are patchy it'd be just my luck if my car were to break down late on a Sunday night in some area where you can't find a decent signal!

    It has been useful at times but I don't live my life by it, and you won't see me barging through the streets, head down, with the thing stuck to my ear. Or shutting myself from some social gathering because answering some text or other that can wait, is more important than the people around me.

    I've two - an older, basic phone-first Nokia instrument, and a new LG thing whose phone side is very difficult to use, secondary to its text service, and to its Internet services which won't use. The PC is for that.  I'm slowly working over to the Nokia only, on PAYG only, as that's far cheaper for me than a contract.

    That terminology debate amuses me; in a rather cynical way. I know why the Americans call their radio-telephones "cell" phones - it's from "cellular", referring to the physical arrangement of the networks. "Mobile" though? Some semi-illiterate advertising-copywriter/marketing-executive type in the UK called them that, and so many people missed the mistake that it stuck. The telephones are not "mobile". They are "portable".

      April 17, 2018 3:40 PM MDT

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    very important 

    mostly because its a thousand dollars 

      April 18, 2018 10:09 PM MDT