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are you rude to customer service workers?

if you’re out with friends or family and they’re being rude/disrespectful, how do you handle that situation? do you feel embarrassed? 

Posted - December 26, 2018


  • I rake their osses over the coals!
      December 26, 2018 1:51 PM MST

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    no, i try not to be rude to anyone
      December 26, 2018 2:13 PM MST

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    No, I am not. I will tell who I am with to stop it if they are.
    Now I will give it back to them if the worker is rude to me. I have only encountered that a couple of times are Walmart when doing a return.
      December 26, 2018 2:56 PM MST

  • Not as many men like mommy-figure SOs as you think. :P
      December 27, 2018 8:40 AM MST

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    That's fair. I work in the food industry so I know how crappy it is when customers are upset with you, but there have definitely been times where I WAS the customer and a worker acted rude or uninterested in helping me. In those cases I won't hesitate to stand up for myself, especially since I know it's poor service. 
      December 27, 2018 9:03 PM MST

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    I'm never rude. When I was with my Ex, he was rude to waiters, waitress and grocery clerks. I would be embarrassed and also tell him about himself. 
      December 26, 2018 5:26 PM MST

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    Of course not. They all have always gotten my respect.
      December 26, 2018 6:36 PM MST

  • yeah huh :P
      December 27, 2018 8:38 AM MST

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    No, I'm always very polite. Even if they seem kinda grouchy, I would just assume that maybe they're having a bad day and it won't help if I'm rude to them.
      December 26, 2018 6:58 PM MST

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    1. I have no friends.
    2. Nobody in my family is ever rude.
    3. I find rudeness to be very rare.
      December 26, 2018 8:17 PM MST

  • Just let me know if you ever suffer rudeness deprivation. :P
      December 27, 2018 8:37 AM MST

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    No, but I don't treat them with kid gloves either.  I told someone the other day, after being transferring four times and still not to the right department, that my faith in their organization had dwindled due to the fact that they were incapable of even using their telephone system. 
      December 27, 2018 8:42 PM MST

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    Call centres are THE WORST. The job has such a high turnover rate that they rush their employees through training so they can throw them on to floor ASAP and hope they understand enough to do the job. Most reps either don't want to deal with it, OR they truly don't know how to solve it due to poor training so they panic and pass you to someone else. 
      December 27, 2018 9:00 PM MST

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    Nope. I'm in customer service. Rudeness gets you nowhere.
    That said, I don't tolerate substandard service either - I know what's expected of me so I demand the same. There are ways to tick someone off withoiut being rude about it.
      December 28, 2018 2:51 AM MST

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    No, I would never dream of it. I'm the kind of customer who tells staff that they're doing a great job even when they're not. 
      December 28, 2018 8:30 PM MST