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  • Routine jobs raise the risk of cognitive decline by 66% and dementia by 37%, study says
    Last post by CosmicWunderkind - Thu at 4:22 AM
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  • Writing a whole book in one go isn't feasible in this format, but I can help you brainstorm ideas, outline a plot, or provide guidance on how to start writing your own book. What g...  more
    Last post by CosmicWunderkind - April 13
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  • In a 3 page rant on Truth social Trump claimed he'll become a modern day Nelson Mandela if he's jailed over the gag order. And said it would be his GREAT HONOR to be imprisoned for...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - April 7
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  • It would be this way but Bobby..is too introverted?..Too much of a capitalist?..has self destructive family problems?...Now Carl..just plain sucks for empathy..Dave is an insulting...  more
    Last post by CosmicWunderkind - April 6
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  • I think Trump has 3 choices on how to handle the 175 million dollar bond screw up.He could say it was his fault. He could say it was his legal teams fault. Or he could throw Eric u...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - April 5
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  • Do they even know they're doing it or are they just plants for the good guys to stop?
    Last post by CosmicWunderkind - April 3
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  • At a rally Trump claimed he had talked to the grief filled family members of Rudy Garcia – who was a victim of homicide. It came as a surprise to the Garcia family because th...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - April 3
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  • Trump just announced that because of his new found wealth with his media merger he will be reimbursing all the patriots that sent donations to help pay his legle bills.
    Apr...  more
    Last post by . - April 1
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  • what would your family and friends assume that you did?
    Last post by Chief Ten Beers - March 30
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  • Ohh okay, but, if I mute my notifications will I again have missed calls. Somebody says what's that and I am forced to explain in panic mode.

    The ringtone and notification sound v...  more
    Last post by CosmicWunderkind - March 29
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  • Trump’s new courtroom sketch reminded me of a Scooby-Doo character before the rubber mask is pulled off. After Valma say’s – lets see who this really is and pulls...  more
    Last post by Spunky - March 27
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  • I’ll think a few things like – if Trump gets back in the WH he will likely be beholding to a foreign power and it could effect his polices.
    I’ll also think Trump...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - March 22
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