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Discussion » Questions » Politics » How do you think Donald Trump, president, would react if his spiritual advisor Paula White suggested that he repent and stop telling lies?

How do you think Donald Trump, president, would react if his spiritual advisor Paula White suggested that he repent and stop telling lies?

She claims to be his spiritual advisor;  it should be her duty -do you think she would dare?

Posted - April 25


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    What the heck is a "spiritual adviser", anyway?

    I hear all the time people claiming to be "spiritual, but not religious".
    All that means to me, is they do whatever they want and claim it's "okay" with their own personal beliefs.
    They may claim they believe in a Higher Power, but they don't offer any written rules from said power ... so it's just whatever they say.
    No different from how religions (or cults) got their start - just that they don't have any followers, yet.

    Anyway.  My point is that anybody can justify anything, according to their own "spiritual" belief system.
      April 25, 2019 10:19 AM MDT

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    lol.  I have just learned to enjoy her manner of speaking.  She is a totally unique mind.  That is for sure.

    I just cut to the chase and got to the point here.  After they went on and on in WIKIPEDIA about her credentials and her lofty Christian ideals.  (vomit)

    Criticism and allegations of heresy[edit]

    White is a proponent of prosperity theology.[39][40] Along with other televangelists who have made millions of dollars through the prosperity gospel, she was the subject of an inconclusive 2007–2011 Senate investigation, but she refused to co-operate.[41][42][43]

    Southern Baptist theologian and ethicist Russell D. Moore said that "Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe."[44] Michael Horton, a professor of theology at Westminster Seminary California, wrote in early January 2017 that White represented a heretical movement and that her then-upcoming address at President Trump's inauguration was helping to introduce heresy into mainstream public life. Horton addressed White's alleged denial of the Trinity and the prosperity gospel's position that Christ died on the cross not for the forgiveness of humankind but to rescue people from financial hardship.[45]

    Other allegations of heresy have emerged among conservative Christians, such as that White has denied the Trinity, partly as a result of a video shared by Christian author Erick Erickson that shows White assenting to the viewpoint that Jesus Christ was not the only son of God, in contravention of the Nicene Creed.[46][47] Erickson has stated:

    The President of the United States putting a heretic on stage who claims to believe in Jesus, but does not really believe in Jesus, risks leading others astray.... I'd rather a Hindu pray on Inauguration Day and not risk the souls of men, than one whose heresy lures in souls promises of comfort only to damn them in eternity.[48]

    Connor Gaffey has drawn attention to a 2007 televised event at which White stated, "Anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan." Gaffey contrasts that with Jesus' words in the Gospel of St Matthew: "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."[49]

    White has also been denounced by rapper and Christian pastor Shai Linne in a song, Fal$e Teacher$.[50]

    White has denied all allegations of heresy.[51][52] In a January 5, 2017, CNN interview, White responded to some of the criticism saying "I have been called a heretic, an apostate, an adulterer, a charlatan, and an addict. It has been falsely reported that I once filed for bankruptcy and -- my personal favorite -- that I deny the Trinity!" During her interview, she also said in her defense, "My life and my decisions have been nowhere near perfect, though nothing like what has been falsely conveyed in recent days."[53]

    White has also been criticized for being introduced as having or claiming to have a doctoral degree when she has no college or seminary degree.[54]

    In July 2018, White was discussing illegal immigration and said that although Jesus migrated to live in Egypt, "it was not illegal. If he had broken the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah." In response, Reverend William Barber II called White a "Christian nationalist" and said that "Jesus was a refugee & did break the law. He was crucified as a felon under Roman law." Matthew Soerens of the Evangelical Immigration Table group has stated that the concept of illegal immigration did not exist at the time and also questioned White's argument that breaking a law is sinful by noting that the Bible had written about Jews defying an Egyptian ruler's order to kill children and Jesus's apostles being jailed for breaking Roman laws.[55][56]

    In 2010 White's relationship with married televangelist Benny Hinn gave rise to controversy after being photographed leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. Hinn said  “A friendship did develop" though "the relationship is over.” Both denied an affair. [57][58]

    Personal life[edit]


    White has been married three times.[59] Her first marriage was as a teenager to the father of her son, Dean Knight.[60] In 1984, while she was living in Maryland with her newborn baby, she converted to Christianity. Her marriage ended soon after.[6]

    According to the book Holy Mavericks, a turning point in White's life was meeting Randy White in 1991, a third-generation preacher in the Church of God denomination. White had divorced his first wife and was in the early stages of reviving his career as a preacher and evangelist. They met while he was visiting the church where White volunteered as a janitor. They became friends and dated for several months, working together in ministry projects. Less than a year after meeting, Randy proposed during a tour to Israel and she accepted. Shortly thereafter they moved from Maryland to Tampa, Florida.[4]

    On August 23, 2007, Randy White announced that he and Paula were divorcing. According to The Christian Post, White says the divorce was amicable, and they remain friends.[8][61]

    At the close of 2014 rock musician Jonathan Cain of Journey fame finalized his divorce from his second wife and became engaged to White. On April 27, 2015, Cain and White married.[62]


    Paula has one son from her first marriage. She was a stepmother to the three children of her second husband, Randy White. Paula and Randy did not have children together. [6] She is stepmother to the three children of her third husband, Jonathan Cain.

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    Ain't she a trip?  She believes GOD IS TALKING TO US THROUGH PROSPERITY.  She has spun a religion FOR DONALD TRUMP.  We now can worship the rich legitimately.  Those in power who have money are GOOD and those who do not should be slaves to them.  Plain and simple.  If you are poor, you are not worthy.  You need to be rich.  You need to not question HOW they got rich either because you are just too stupid to understand anything.  

    I wonder what spirit she is channeling that makes her advice even heard by Trump?  

    maybe she is contacting Attilla the Hun or Stalin or Mao Tse Tung... you never know....  they could fool an idiot like her, that is for sure.

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    not sure
      April 30, 2019 4:56 PM MDT