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How is climate change affecting you in your area?

We have catastrophic fires raging here in Australia.

The fear - my body won't stop quivering.

I've written a blog about it here on the Mug.

Posted - November 12, 2019


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    The "uproar" is because the changes are greater and faster than anyone had bargained for, and are thought at least partly man-made.

    Now, how much is entirely natural and how much is induced by human activities - as by current orthodoxy - will remain to be seen. However, the natural climate changes are very slow in human terms; and our prehistoric ancestors had no problem living though the present Ice Age's last warm then cold periods, and consequent high then low sea-levels. There were not  many of them compared to our population, they had far simpler ways of life, and they simply moved to wherever suited them.

    We are living in either an interglacial or the thawing from the end of the Ice Age generally. In either case the warming and the resulting marine transgression should now be very slow; though anyway is not regular. Of these the eventual effects of the second - the end of the complete Ice Age - would be far, far worse than the former, and than what's imagined now. In geological history, the Earth's climate overall is relatively cool now - but I do stress that is geological time-spans... though geology has not stopped!

    If natural changes are the bulk of what's happening now, we can do nothing about it except adapt; somehow, with a vast  population and inextricable tangling of so many nations and societies all demanding more and more of the planet's finite, natural resources.

    If though the present rate of change is mainly anthropogenic - as feared - then we might be able to at least stave off the worst effects by minimising our influences. It might still only buy time though.

    Whether it will all work is another matter, but the consensus is that doing nothing would be worse still.

      November 24, 2019 8:28 AM MST