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What is the biggest whopper you ever told?

Once some freinds that were visiting from Ontario heard a pair of weasels calling each other and they asked  me  what it was and I told them it was the wild monkeys. They didn't believe me so I  told them that in the 70s some hippy activist freed the monkeys from a circus and the pair of monkeys breed and now there are about 30 of them living by the pond. They still didn't believe me so I told them that I would  take them to the pond in the morning and show them the monkeys but we will have to be real carefully  because  it's mating season and the male monkeys are really  agressive. In the morning we started out to go to  the pond and I gave my dog  the hand command  to do a perimeter cheak ( knowing were he would  end  the  cheak and how  long it would take him).  When we got to the pond we didn'the see any monkeys and  they told me it was  probally because there are no monkeys. So  I told them that sometimes the monkeys hide in the tall grass. About a minute later we could see the grass moving and I said - oh no it's the male monkey and he seems rearly  mad  - run. For people that didn't believe that there were wild monkeys they ran pretty fast. It was just my dog  running through the tall grass but I didn't tell them that and when they went back  to Ontrio they told all their freinds about the wild monkeys on  Vancouver Island. Cheers!

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      “Meh, I can always ignore poor grammar, means nothing to me.”

      June 30, 2020 4:36 AM MDT

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    We took a troop of boy scouts camping at Point Pelee and told the rookies about the giant raccoons (Those Canadian raccoons are huge.) that have been known to eat people. While sitting around the campfire when it was dark, we became surrounded by the glowing eyes of the raccoons. (We knew that was going to happen.). It scared the crap out of the rookies. 
      June 30, 2020 8:24 AM MDT