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Are you more a morning or an evening person?

I am NOT a morning person. Two cups of bitumen in the am is just to get my heart started, I don't clear the brain fog until noon. When one of those annoying "too cheery in the morning" types wishes me "good morning!", my standard response is to growl "what's good about it?"

Yes, we have no mañanas, we have no mañanas today.

Posted - November 5, 2022


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    too cherry cheery in the morning…
      November 5, 2022 10:30 PM MDT

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    DYAC, noted and corrected.
      November 6, 2022 1:43 AM MDT

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    If I didn't have to get up for work, I would be up until 2-3 AM and sleep until 11 AM.   I like the peace and quiet of the early morning hours.
      November 6, 2022 4:45 AM MST

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    I'm definitely a morning person, in the evening I'm lucky if I can stay awake until 9:00.
      November 6, 2022 5:49 AM MST

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    I usually need some time and coffee to get the brain going, which is why I get up at least a couple of hours before I need to work or leave the house. I rarely oversleep, but if I do it's not a good start to the day. 

    One exception to my time and coffee rule is if I'm excited to watch and photograph a sunrise. This is usually when I'm on vacation or staying somewhere with a scenic sunrise view. I can somehow easily forego the coffee until after that magic is over, and it's aways a really nice start to the day! 

    I still think I'm more of a night person, even though I'm usually asleep before 11pm. I'd probably prefer to stay up and sleep in later, as Spunky mentioned. I often do that on the weekends, when I don't have to be up by 5:30 or 6am. 

      November 6, 2022 6:20 AM MST

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      I still follow the John Wayne philosophy: “You’re burning daylight”, which means I get up out of bed very early every single morning, even on weekends and even though I’m now retired. It was that same mindset in the military, so it was doubly ingrained in me and has become a lifelong habit. Conversely and paradoxically, I am also a night owl, a possibly hereditary trait that must have been passed down to me from my mother. I wasn’t allowed to stay up late growing up, but that didn’t mean I went to sleep when I went to bed. Many a weeknight I was still awake listening from bed as she watched “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and its iconic audio, the music, Ed McMahon’s voice and laughter, Carson’s midwestern drawl, the audience, the guests. My mother did a lot of other things besides just watching tv when she stayed up late, she said she concentrated better with no one around to distract her. (My stepfather worked the midnight shift.)

      For decades, I became accustomed to getting only about four or five hours of sleep. Now in retirement, it’s been about six to seven hours of sleep consistently for just over two years, with early-morning wake-ups.

      In many ways I am on the fence as far as being a morning person or a night person, I do a lot of things late at night.

      November 6, 2022 7:36 AM MST

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    What ever I need to be at any given time.
      November 6, 2022 7:52 AM MST

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    Mostly morning. I am rarely up past 2100.
      November 6, 2022 8:57 AM MST

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    I had to look up bitumen to see what you were on.  I thought it was a med. 

    I am a night owl by nature.  I have to be very deliberate about going to bed or I will watch the sun rise every day.  
      November 6, 2022 12:07 PM MST

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    I am definitely a morning person. I like to get up early when the house is all quiet and peaceful.   I was this way even as a child. 
      November 6, 2022 1:15 PM MST

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    I go from fast asleep to wide awake in a nano second. Mornings are no problem for me, but I can be up late if I need to be.
      November 6, 2022 4:22 PM MST