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What do you think Trump's big annoucment will be tommorow?

I think it will be that he is planning on moving to Russia so he can comfort Putin for his losing battle in the Ukraine. Cheers!

Posted - November 14


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    Hopefully, that he's going to commit hari kari.
      November 14, 2022 9:45 AM MST

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    Trump is so plump and squishy he could commit hari kari with a spoon. Cheers!
      November 14, 2022 10:54 AM MST

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    He will probably announce that the midterms were stolen.
      November 14, 2022 1:51 PM MST

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    :)  :)

    I am still smiling at the hypocrisy --
    that, after originally voting for Hillary Clinton for president of the USA, I was immediately greatly irritated with the public behavior of Mr. Trump and disliked him being the USA's president( I admit I can't stand his voice, his physical mannerisms, name calling and rudeness). But for the entire next four years under Trump's presidency, I was constantly told by Trump supporters -- "Get  over it -- Hillary lost, Trump won."   

    Yet, then Biden won - - and the same Trump supporters, two years later, are still not accepting.
    And some of those supporters, with absolutely no encouragement at all by Mr. Trump, had a "very peaceful, quiet little demonstration of their disappointment" on January 6 - - not violent at all.  In fact, no Trump supporters were there at all -- the entire January 6 demonstration was led by democrats posing as Trump supporters. And it was probably a Trump impersonator giving that morning speech on January 6.
    And if they don't accept Biden winning, I question why I had to accept Trump winning in 2016.

    My dislike of Trump had nothing to do with disappointment that Clinton lost -- it had everything to do with Mr. Trump himself.

    This is all just my opinion.

    Respectively submitted by Welby Q - - residing in a huge MAGA area. I've heard all of the above, and much more.

    This post was edited by WelbyQuentin at November 16, 2022 6:39 AM MST
      November 14, 2022 7:52 PM MST

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    Well said.
      November 15, 2022 7:39 AM MST

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    Thanks, Jane S.   :)

    (And I admit that I created that part up there about there being a Trump impersonator on January 6. But the spirit of my answer is what I hear a lot of around me.) This post was edited by WelbyQuentin at November 16, 2022 6:39 AM MST
      November 15, 2022 6:10 PM MST

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    I did not see this earlier...he made it official that he is running for POTUS in 2024.
      November 16, 2022 4:55 AM MST

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    That he's gifting the Democrats another four years, by running again. His base isn't enough, as was proven in 2020, and he hasn't got a prayer of picking up a single vote anywhere else. As a result, the GOP is bitterly divided and at least a quarter of Rep congressmen have openly stated that they won't vote for Trump.
      November 16, 2022 4:57 AM MST

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    Same ones who stated the same thing last time. (Except when they were begging for a Trump endorsement) 
    But yes, we are divided,  GOPe vs MAGA. We will overtake the party maybe 2024 maybe longer but we will. 

    If it is a quarter of Republicans  then surely you can name 15....from the 2023 Congress. 
      November 16, 2022 5:15 AM MST