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In what circumstances can human-designed beauty be unethical?

I mean beauty in the broadest sense - in human appearances, in how we breed animals, how we use plants, design and decoration, and architecture and arts.

Posted - October 1, 2018


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    Breeding animals comes to mind. Many pugs and dogs with similar faces have trouble breathing that's gotten worse as humans have purposefully exaggerated a defect that causes health problems through selective breeding. Same goes for hairless cats. Cuteness over well-being. 
      October 1, 2018 8:43 PM MDT

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    I so agree with you. :/
    Would love to see the day when breed-criteria change so that the prize-winning animals can only be ones with no characteristics that carry congenital health issues. I believe this has become the norm with some breed societies and with the Crufts dog show in the UK.
      October 1, 2018 8:48 PM MDT

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    Can it?  I guess if it causes harm or takes away from the lives of others.  Never thought of animal breeding as having anything to do with beauty.  But rather more commerce. 
      October 2, 2018 6:23 AM MDT

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      October 2, 2018 10:16 AM MDT