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Can natural forces cause weird, mysterious events to happen?

A guy (fellow atheist) related this event that happened recently -he was lying in bed late one  evening when he heard sound of shattering glass in his house. He got up to find out the cause and found a glass plate had come out of a closed cupboard door and smashed on the floor in the kitchen. No explanation how. No intruder,  his doors all locked up,  totally sure he never left the plate on the edge of his counter. Mystery. 

My own experiences -years ago i'd seen my doctor to get a form,  a statement that would qualify me for disability. I took the paper home and put it in the top drawer of a desk. Later to make the appointment to see my social worker with the document I opened the desk drawer: no paper. I searched the other drawers and around the room; it had totally disappeared.  I did find it some time -months later in one of the lower drawers. Mystery. 

Another time early this year I got my income tax slips in the mail I put put them on top my pile of papers in a chest of drawers. When time came to take the slips and have my income tax filed I took the slips from top of the pile and had someone do the paperwork for me. Then I got a letter from Revenue Canada saying they received tax slips from year 2016 instead of 2017 so I gotta fix it. How did my 2016 slips get to the top of the pile from being buried underneath somewhere. Anyway I found my 2017 slips at the bottom of the pile of papers and got things fixed up.
No idea how that could have happened.  Mystery mystery. 

Posted - December 2, 2018


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