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Discussion » Questions » Human Behavior » Have you ever been falsely blamed when something bad happened?

Have you ever been falsely blamed when something bad happened?

Who hasn't? I'd been working for a company for a couple months with one other guy who was my boss, we finished a job early one day so he said go to his place sit around have coffee before reporting back to the office. He showed me in his tool shed -thousands dollars worth of nice tools. Next day I came to work his tool she'd been broken into tools all gone.I heard couple guys talking "might not have been HIM but he might have told somebody'. I worked that day but was told the company did not need my help anymore. 
What can ya do?

Posted - December 25, 2018


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      I did NOT force, cajole, blackmail nor coerce all those beautiful and sexy women to make sandwiches for me, no matter what you've heard. 

      December 26, 2018 8:56 PM MST

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    Once I was a cashier in a gas station convenience store. The place had a longstanding problem with pilfering. Somebody had found a way to pull papers out of the safe. The official attitude was to fire the cashier and forget it. (That's why it was so easy to get the job.) 

    Well, I didn't know this at first, and I didn't begin to figure it out until I got reprimanded and laid off for two weeks because my deposits came up short. While I was out, some guy came in and ripped off the entire safe, took it out in the desert and worked it open. The next day the manager deposited thirty grand in his bank account, and he was promptly arrested. So the manager of another store came over to keep things running and he asked me to return to work. He acted like I had done something wrong, shelves were not dusted, floor was not mopped, and apparently he figured it was all my fault.

    I asked him what changes he intended to make in the money handling procedures. That brought him up short. "What do you mean?" I told him I meant somebody was stealing the money and I did not appreciate false accusations and punishment based on the assumption that I was responsible. I demanded more secure procedures to protect me. He gibbled and gabbled and mentioned some baloney and I finally left without accepting that job again.
      December 26, 2018 11:41 PM MST