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If you could start a cult, what would be it's main characteristics?

What would it believe?
What would its ethical principles be?
What rituals would it have?
What symbols would it use?

Posted - April 17, 2019


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      ( it's its)

      1.  It would be grammar-related.
      2.  The symbol would be a tilde.
      3.  Sandwiches would be its currency.


      April 17, 2019 6:18 AM MDT

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    Silly mistake - the first its.
    Got it right in the second use.
    One thousand "it's = it is" in chalk on blackboard for me today.

    I've noticed the ragging you've taken lately over grammarian, tilde and sandwich practices.
    This religious persecution must stop.

      April 18, 2019 1:25 PM MDT

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      Thank you.  Did you know that you can edit your question?

      April 18, 2019 10:45 PM MDT

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    Is that what people want to do?  Never even thought of that.  Given that cults are generally thought of rather negatively.  But people feel so alone and are so desirous of helping others they easily fall victim.  I was once part of sort of a cult - actually it was a Christian church but had some cultish aspects. 

    It would have to be essentially an anti-cult stance.  So no rituals or symbols or any idols to get hung up on.  I think maybe in God we trust and personal freedom and personal initiative.  More of a cult solvent. 
      April 17, 2019 7:33 AM MDT

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    Anti TRUMP-base cult.  I think I have already done that.
      April 17, 2019 8:22 AM MDT

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    Your cult may have all Democrats on board, 48.2% of the voters.
    You might also have all anarchists and many of those who abstained from voting.
    That might make yours the most popular cult in America.
    How would you like the role of the first Pope-anti-Trump?
    With Rosie G. as your cardinal?
      April 18, 2019 1:31 PM MDT

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    It would be cannabis related. It would believe that cannabis was a gift from Jah. The  ethical principles would be all members have to be at least 18 years old. The ritual would be sparking up a doobie by rubbing  2 sticks together. The symbol would be a 1967 Buick Wild Cat. Cheers! 
      April 17, 2019 8:33 AM MDT

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    Would that be a variant sect of Rastafarianism?
    Related image This post was edited by inky at April 18, 2019 1:33 PM MDT
      April 18, 2019 1:33 PM MDT

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    Long live Halle Selassi.  RIP though.  OK I spelled it wrong, so wha? 

    Haile Selassie - Wikipedia

    Haile Selassie I (Ge'ez: ቀዳማዊ ኃይለ ሥላሴ, qädamawi haylä səllasé, English trans.: "Power of the Trinity," born Lij Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael; Amharic pronunciation: [ˈhaɪlə sɨlˈlase] (listen); 23 July 1892 – 27 August 1975) was an Ethiopian regent from 1916 to 1930 and emperor from 1930 to 1974. He is a defining figure in contemporary Ethiopian history.
    He was a member of the Solomonic Dynasty who traced his lineage to Emperor Menelik I via his Shewan royal ancestors as a great-grandson of king Sahle Selassiedaughter of Sahle Selase was mother of Wo…


    Early life
    Haile Selassie's royal line (through his father's mother) descended from Sahle Selassie, He was born on 23 July 1892, in the village of Ejersa Goro, in the Harar province of Ethiopia. His mother was Woizero ("Lady") Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jifar, daughter of the renowned Oromo ruler of Wollo province Dejazmach Ali Abba Jifar. His maternal grandmother was of Gurage heritage. Tafari's father was Ras Makonnen Woldemikael Gudessa, the governor of Harar. Ras Makonnen served as a general in the First Italo–Ethi…

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      April 18, 2019 1:35 PM MDT

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    Kind of - like the Rastafarianism belief I believe that cannabis is a gift from God/Jah and it should be free so free bud in cult. It will kind of be a variant of the Boy or Girl Scots members will get badges for lighting a  doobie by rubbing sticks together or using their knot tying skills to make a Thai Stick. Cheers!
      April 18, 2019 1:56 PM MDT

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    Hallie Sellassie (sp?) was a total psycho.  I'm just sayin!

      April 18, 2019 1:58 PM MDT

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    Or maybe not Rastafarian.

    Cannabis was discovered in one of the outer S-W provinces of China about 3,000 BCE - with archeological evidence that once it's medicinal properties had been discovered, it quickly spread across the routes of the old Silk Road.

    Maybe your cult could be a variant of Taoism. It could have a goddess of herbs and healing like the ancient Mitannian and Indus River goddess, Soma. She would teach herb lore and the ethics and skills of unconditional love and wisdom. She could be a variant incarnation of Kuan Yin or green Tara.
      April 18, 2019 2:15 PM MDT

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    Maybe but if I'm going to have Goddess I have to scratch the 1967 Buick Wild Cat idea and go with a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible so I could them off to the non believers. Cheers!
      April 18, 2019 2:40 PM MDT

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    I'd like to start a cult of atheists getting together to determine what kind of a God could possibly  be real and not based upon ancient stories about imagined supernatural events. This post was edited by Kittigate at April 18, 2019 1:33 PM MDT
      April 17, 2019 11:06 AM MDT

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    You have been on this same old tired harangue for two decades now.

    Don't you think if you don't have an answer you should maybe try another TACT?
      April 17, 2019 11:08 AM MDT

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    Just trying to help establish a little bit of 'sanity for humanity'.
      April 17, 2019 11:27 AM MDT

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    Wen you butt your head against a wall, don't you think maybe there is another approach?  AFTER ALL THIS TIME?

    The story below is true.  If this were to happen to YOU?  You would still not see the light.  NOPE.

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      April 17, 2019 11:31 AM MDT

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    "AFTER ALL THIS TIME" is a touching quote..

    'For it is the way..'

    That guy is kind of long winded. Is there any where I  could find a transcript to peruse?  This post was edited by Kittigate at April 17, 2019 11:46 AM MDT
      April 17, 2019 11:39 AM MDT

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    You have spent 20 years saying the same things over and over and yet you cannot spend an hour changing your life and opening your eyes?  
    Again.  There are none so blind as those who put their hands over their eyes.  
      April 17, 2019 11:49 AM MDT

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    So called miracle events' do not require intervention of a supernatural force. 
    That is just another saying that 'God MUST exist BECAUSE...'

    I think the reality that gods were invented outweighs any so-called evidence for the existence of any God or god ever believed in.
      April 17, 2019 11:59 AM MDT

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    I got it while I was mopping the floor this morning.  You need to consider the coincidences and not just brush them off.  That is your flaw.  If you consider WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THIS EVER HAPPENING??? instead you just go to NO PROOF of anything at all because there is no smoking gun in concrete.  

      April 18, 2019 1:39 PM MDT

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    Existence of consciousness/intuitive consciousness is the closest likeness to 'god' that I can imagine. 
    You can take a look at my reply to Bookworm to get more of an idea what I am thinking. 
      April 19, 2019 1:17 AM MDT

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    I might join you.
    I think the esoteric version of Hinduism might come close.
    According to the Ten Principal Upanishads, consciousness existed prior to material existence. It desired to know itself but being all-one had no means of self-differentiation. So it split itself into multiples, hence creating the beginning of existence and eventually life and the multitudes of minds of individuals, in order to be able to experience itself.
    Interesting idea, hey?
    But as atheists, we could also invent new concepts of a god, or even a pantheon of gods, the nature of which is not at odds with the discoveries of science.
    Easiest of all, we could establish a code of ethics.
    For ritual - there is something similar already popular in England. Non-believers get together on Sundays to hear inspiring talks on life matters, sing songs and develop supportive community.
      April 18, 2019 1:43 PM MDT

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    Yes that is a good interesting concept and sharing ideas would be ideal, giving one another some critical thought... 

    One of the things i think is that consciousness is a force that enables existence and is the basis of life itself (and when our body dies we continue to exist in a form of consciousness).   It is the force that causes molecules to be created from the various particles to form all the millions of various substances that exist before life began but including the molecule that enabled life to begin when conditions were suitable. I think of it as intuitive consciousness actually like nature has a mind and very little if anything  is actual randomness as in the event of unlikely coincidences that happen also. I think intuitive consciousness as the force that causes the right physical changes in species to adapt to different environments enabling process of evolution. Enables plants, insects and reptiles to build various molecules to develop toxins to disable their victims etc...
    Consciousness/intuitive consciousness is the kind of 'god' I can believe in. 

    My thoughts were inspired by Buddha some time ago:

    Consciousness exists in the stone 
    Sleeps in the plant
    Awakens in the animal

    There are lots of questions -like is consciousness a force that can help persons with their needs sometimes? I am inclined to think so with some experiences that occurred like about 3 years ago I suddenly began having a chest pain and an MRI scan showed nothing to indicate any cause but did discover I had first stage lung cancer. Tumor successfully removed,  no recurrence.  Without the chest pain happening i'd be having a serious problem now.
    I've had other more minor 'miraculous' sort of experiences but i think that is force of consciousness as the enabler, rather than a supernatural God force. This post was edited by Kittigate at April 19, 2019 2:11 AM MDT
      April 18, 2019 7:27 PM MDT