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What's the craziest thing you've done for love?

Posted - February 6


  • moved to a new country 
      February 6, 2019 8:04 PM MST

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    I did the same thing.
      February 6, 2019 8:05 PM MST

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    Moved to a new state. Compared to the two answers above, that's nothing. This post was edited by easyjolene at February 7, 2019 1:31 PM MST
      February 6, 2019 8:07 PM MST

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    In America ,that could be just a mile away across the state

    Can you drive from state to state  unhindered or are their actual borders where you have to stop and be checked ? 
      February 6, 2019 8:40 PM MST

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    It was actually 357 miles away from where I grew up. There are state lines and you can drive state to state but the laws are different in each state. 
      February 6, 2019 8:43 PM MST

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    That sounds so odd to me...why do you need different driving laws....and how on earth do you keep up with all fifty odd states with different laws...
    Sounds like a real money spinner for the bet is they are allowed to keep all fines as well...:(
      February 6, 2019 8:52 PM MST

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    Most states have pretty much the same laws in most things.  The biggest problem is when you might get a traffic ticket or get arrested in a state other than your home state.  That might involve a lot of back and forth between different courts to settle your case.  Many people work in one state and live in another.  I live in Virginia, but West Virginia is only about 30 miles away.  No big deal to commute and you see it all the time.

      February 7, 2019 6:48 AM MST

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    There us nothing like that in England....we can go where we want and when we want...the only draw back is if you venture into can get so lost venturing into one of those big Blue ones...
    Plus their lingo doesn't help much either Mrs C....:) 
      February 7, 2019 6:57 AM MST

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    Wales?  You forgot to mention the narrow roads and ever vigilant Photo Cop
      February 7, 2019 10:23 AM MST

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    We have so many 20mph roads in England now and they are a real cash cow for every police force....
    We also have to tolerate complete fool both male and female on these two wheel contraptions that thay gave two peddle....
    Every day I see people that should by rights get hit by cars,vans,PSVs and lorries ....
    Many wear earphones abd gave no idea what carnage they can create by doing such stupid things on the roads to every mobile huge  hard metal moving giant.....
    They ride so close to lorries where drivers cannot see them....Rarely do the police do any thing about them....:( 
      February 7, 2019 1:42 PM MST

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    Nice jugs do not get me started on headphones.  In the last 12 months we have had 3 folks wearing these items step out in front of the Strassenbahn/trams and get killed.  We have had groups of Asian Tourist walk back into the street and get hit by other tourist buses. The list goes on.

    The list of tourist we overhear bitch about the strict Austrian Traffic enforcement - Photo Cop etc - humorous.  The folks who get caught driving w/o a vignette on the windshield (200€) when they have been warned for 30KM I have no sympathy for.  Czech is even more strict.  We hear about the Autobahn is supposed no speed limit - sorry pal you are in Austria

    Just drove two weekend back from Bristol to Swansea, agree with you on the UK revenue raising scheme.  We dropped the car and took the train back into London, then flew back home. The roads were lovingly narrow. 
      February 7, 2019 2:48 PM MST

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    Do you live in Austria then ?    I have no idea what  vignette is on your windscreen....can you explain...:)

    I hate driving in London....the government and local councils have destroyed our road system all for their cravings for money....
    We have a police business system that generates for them billions of pounds annually.....
    Every police force in England is registered as a business with companies house and how are the police ever allowed to keep one penny of money they rake in off the's nothing more then extortion really.....

    If your home get broken into and you loose valuable possession or even cash......The police catch who did it yet recover none of your goods or money.....
    The go to court and get fined .....the fine goes to the police and the government....
    Not one penny goes back to the victim....
    You can't tell me that our whole legal system ,police and government  are not 110% corrupt ....

    Care and to protect the public.....I think not.....:(
      February 7, 2019 4:37 PM MST

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    Yes Vienna is our primary residence.  Vignette annual auto pass to use the roads, bridges etc - required on every vehicle
      February 7, 2019 6:50 PM MST

  • About 1979, sent stamps and money while he was incarcerated in Folsom.  Another guy prior, about 1978, stayed with him even though his wife was pregnant. I was a stupid kid, so yeah. 
      February 6, 2019 8:26 PM MST

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    Ended the relationship because he couldn't decide between her and me.
    If I'd hung on and waited, he would soon have got sick of her.
    Instead, she made his life hell.
      February 6, 2019 8:31 PM MST

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    Stayed awake with who I live with now......;)D 
      February 6, 2019 8:36 PM MST

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    I agreed to go to a country music festival with a gal I met - might not seem too crazy until you consider that at the time I was in the Kiss Army and if they found out I went to a country music festival they would of revoked my Kiss Army card. Cheers!
      February 6, 2019 9:06 PM MST

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    Hmm... So many things to choose from. I think I probably do at least one absolutely insane thing per relationship. I'm putting my money on stealing a car and running away. 
      February 6, 2019 9:58 PM MST

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    Anything - but I won't do that.
      February 6, 2019 11:03 PM MST

  • In 2011 after not being on a plane in years, I flew to the UK by myself to meet my bf's family at Christmas.  I was scared to death and I didn't really believe I'd go until I was at the airport lol.  
      February 6, 2019 11:08 PM MST

  • Can't say I have any  crazy story of being spontaneous because I was fueled by love.  As bad as my social anxiety used to be I suppose making eye contact and actually initiating conversation would have been somewhere high on the list. 
      February 7, 2019 6:42 AM MST

  • Okay I finally thought of something.  I sat through like 8 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. She finally gave up watching it herself before it was me that begged for no more.  I was one hell of a trooper. 
      February 7, 2019 6:43 AM MST

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    I can't think of anything crazy I did for love.  I met a guy ... we dated and got married.  Pretty traditional and "normal" I think.  Not sure if doing crazy things for love works out in the long run most of the time.

      February 7, 2019 6:49 AM MST

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    Two items come to mind.

    A. In Grad school drove 7 hours across 3 States to see a woman I had me the previous weekend.  Was very curious was it lust or love.  Turned out to be lust.  The drive was nie albeit expensive for a Grad Student

    B. Decided to become a parent again, it was a mutually agreed to decision.  Almost 4 years in, 8 years of knowing each and no unexpected problems.  Glad we did it
      February 7, 2019 6:52 AM MST